We offer a smart, all-in-one payroll solution

When it comes to paying your employees, the Federal, State, and Local tax laws have made payroll processing a time-consuming job for the business owner. This is valuable time that could be spent generating sales, prospecting new business opportunities, improving products or services, or serving customers.

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Payroll Services

At Cohick & Associates, we offer payroll solutions that meet your business’s needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best: running your company.

Our payroll services offer the customer support that only a local office can provide. Your payroll needs are unique and should be administered by someone who is familiar with you and your business. Whether you have one employee or one hundred employees, we have the expertise to handle your payroll needs.

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  • W-2 and W-3 processing
  • Quarterly and annual payroll tax returns
  • Payroll tax deposits at the Federal, State, and Local levels
  • Current and After-the-Fact payroll processing

Working Together

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