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On Tuesday December 16, 2014 Grace Shughart, 96 years young, had a surprise homecoming at 396 Alexander Spring Road.  Grace owned the property at 396.  In the summer of 1989 Jeff Cohick purchased 390 Alexander Spring Road; the property adjacent to Grace’s.  Friendship blossomed as neighbors.  Staff members often met with Grace to work on sewing projects, and Jeff often took care of the snow on Grace’s property. 

As the business of Cohick & Associates grew, expansion was necessary.  An opportunity arose to purchase the property at 396.  Jeff purchased 396, and waved goodbye to his longtime friend and neighbor. 

Today Grace was the first person to ride up the elevator to the third floor.  A top of the new building which now stands on the property previously occupied by Grace of the building, three staff members, eagerly awaited Grace’s arrival with a bouquet of flowers in hand.  Karen was the first employee to work at Cohick & Associates.  Dolores and Margie were taken in by Grace in the blizzard of 1996 due to unsafe road conditions.  Grace was given a tour of the new office by Jeff.  She enjoyed the experience and gave her seal of approval. 

Shug and Jeff