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Celebrating 30 Years

June 1, 2014 marks the 30th year that Cohick & Associates has been in business.  On July 1, 1983, I went to work for H. David Brown Accounting Office in Hershey as the lead accountant at that satellite location.  At the time of my employment, the location was serving 12 business clients.  In the first six months of my employment, the number of business clients doubled.  I then began my first income tax preparation season, preparing 62 income tax returns manually, with no use of a computer!  On April 18, 1984, I approached Mr. Brown about the possibility of purchasing the Hershey location from him. We came to terms and on June 1, 1984, Cohick & Associates was born.

During 1984, the business continued to grow.  In November of 1984, the office changed locations to the west shore on the Carlisle Pike.  The number of tax returns doubled the following tax season and Karen Garman Neidigh became employed as a high school work study student; she continues to be employed at Cohick & Associates today.  Over the course of the next five years, the business grew at a healthy rate. An increase in staff and the use of computers in the processing of accounting work and tax returns allowed the practice to double in size over that period of time.

In the summer and fall of 1989, I began looking for a location to purchase for the business as the growth continued.  Our search led us to a one bedroom ranch house at 390 Alexander Spring Road just outside Carlisle.  On July 1, 1990, our office moved into the building after some minor renovations to accommodate a professional office.  In 1993, we enclosed the carport and added more office space for additional employees.  During the late 1990s and 2000s, the staff grew and the building was beginning to burst at the seams.  In 2010, we embarked on a second addition to the office at 390 Alexander Spring Road, adding 1600 square feet to the existing 1400 square feet. 

With an increase of additional business, we soon realized that, once again, we were outgrowing the current office and needed to examine expanding.  In the next six months, we expect to occupy a new office building at 396 Alexander Spring Road (directly beside our current location) to provide the necessary space for our current 18 employees and the business’s continued growth.

I would like to thank my staff and clients, both new and longstanding, for making the last 30 years possible and we look forward to the future and the next 30 years. 

Thank you,

Jeffrey S Cohick