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2015 Cohick & Associates Clays for a Cause

You’re invited! On Sunday, November 1, 2015, Cohick & Associates will be hosting a clay shoot and dinner benefit at the Carlisle Fish & Game Association at 1421 West Trindle Road, Carlisle, PA to help Michelle McBride defray her expenses in her fight against cancer. Michelle, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is a teacher in South Middleton School District. She is currently in treatment and has not be able to return to work due to risk factors of being exposed while her immune system is compromised. At Michelle’s request, a portion of the funds raised will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.

This event is limited to 120 guests over the age of 12. Children 11 and under may attend and dine free of charge. The event will have a maximum of 70 participants shooting clays and enjoying a benefit dinner ($50 for both), and a maximum of 50 more that will be in attendance for the dinner only ($25). All 120 guests will receive a “Clays for a Cause” t-shirt. Registration for the benefit will close Friday, October 23. All checks and registration forms must be received by this date.

Checks can be made payable to: J.S. Cohick, Inc. Benefit Cause

We will have door prizes for shooters and non-shooters, a 50/50 drawing, and prizes for the best shooters on the course that day. We expect the clay shoot to last anywhere from 2-3 hours, which will include 50 targets per shooter, spread out over 10 shooting stations. This event will be held rain or shine (within reason). The meal will be held in the basement of the barn at Carlisle Fish & Game following the shoot and will last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Shooters please show up to check-in between 12:45 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. Non-shooters please show up between 4:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

We will begin the clay shoot at 1:30 p.m. so please show up in time to register, find your team, and make your way to your team’s first station. All shooters are required to provide their own ear and eye protection. Each team will be given a scorecard and be assigned to a starting station and then proceed in numerical order. If you begin on the 10th station, when your team is finished, you will find your way to the 1st station to shoot next. We will assign you to a team and you will find out who is on your team at registration. If you are well-versed in shooting clays, we might ask you to assist beginners or less-experienced shooters. All shooters must be over the age of 12 and any shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Come prepared with 2 boxes of target loads that fit your shotgun (50 shells total). We will not have shells to sell and Carlisle Fish and Game does not sell shotgun shells. We will not supply guns, so you will have to bring your own or share a teammate’s. You may use a 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge or .410 shotgun for this shoot. After your team of up to 7 shooters is finished shooting at each of the stations, shooting at 50 targets each, please return your firearms and any other equipment to your vehicles and find your way to the barn. We will have further instructions for shooters at the check-in table on the day of the event.

If you have questions, please contact Cohick & Associates at (717) 249-5321.
********even though we’re only shooting 50 clay birds, bring extra shells with you, sometimes birds break coming out of the trap and you need to reshoot a series************